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Introducing the PECO HelpCenter

Posted  May 4, 2012  by  

We are happy to introduce this new resource for PECO customers. Our goal is to not just offer great equipment, but provide operators with the resources needed to be successful. The HelpCenter will be a place where you could find: Helpful articles about new ideas or how to improve your business. How to and training [...]

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The Art of Car Wash Signage

Posted  March 20, 2012  by  

There has never been a more important time to communicate effectively with your customers. Competition is fierce in most markets, and consumers have less disposable income available. And what they do have, they are less willing to spend. This is no time to take your most powerful and important marketing tool for granted. Your on-site [...]

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Becoming a Car Wash Chemist

Posted  March 19, 2012  by  

Remember when you were sitting in your High School chemistry class thinking, “I’m never going to need to know about chemistry in the real world”? Now, as a car wash professional you wish you had paid a little more attention. However, with some basic knowledge and enough trial and error anyone can become a great car wash chemist. [...]

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Keys To Great Site Location

Posted  February 24, 2012  by  

When building a new car wash perhaps the biggest question is location.  No decision has more permanence. Here are some tips collected from industry veterans when it comes to choosing a location: Be Patient When it comes time to start looking for a location, entrepreneurial energy and emotion are usually running pretty high. You can picture your beautiful [...]

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Smart Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty & Frequency

The “Great Recession” has affected businesses across the globe and carwashes have been far from immune. One big reason why is although consumers are still shopping, they are doing so less frequently. The key for carwash ope...

Good Website Design Starts By Sitting On a Bench

Nothing has changed businesses in the last 15 years as much as the Internet. Yet, despite its far-reaching presence in the lives of millions, most small businesses, including carwashes, have yet to tap the full potential of the...

What it Means to be Green in Car Washing

Green marketing might be the carwash industry’s biggest opportunity since we swapped out brushes for cloth. To date, however, few operators have been willing or able to make environmental issues a core part of their business ...


15 Metrics Every Car Wash Should Measure

For the casual fan, baseball conjures images of lazy summer afternoons, hot dogs and warm beer. However, for genuine fans, the major league game is often inseparable from the layers of statistics that come with it. They are alm...

Smart Ways to Increase Your Average Car Wash Ticket

Increasing your average ticket has always been an important part of a successful carwash, but with car counts shrinking or stagnant at many locations, there has never been a more urgent time to focus on getting the customers yo...